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PU Foam Guns

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  • Aluminum body

  • Black PTFE coating for adaptor 

  • Copper adjustor  

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L-05 (Classic Product)

  • Aluminum body 

  • Semi-bright Nickel-platted finish

  • Black PTFE coating for copper 

  • Adaptor

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PTFE S01 PU Foam Gun.jpeg

PTFE-S01 (2nd Generation)

  • Aluminum body

  • Black PTFE coating for all body

  • White PTFE Seal bead

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L-06 (Budget Model)

Budget model



Advantage of second-generation products:

- Provide an easily handling adjustor to avoid leakage or ejection by accident

- Good balance of the spool reduces the wear of seal ring and prolongs its lifetime. This improves leak-proof performance of foam guns


Disadvantage of the traditional adjustors:

- Traditional adjustors are quite tight and difficult to handle. The users tend to ignore this device. But using foam guns without following regulation can cause leakage or ejection by accident.

- When adjustor is turned tight, the tension of spring becomes strong, so is the handle. This will cause non-uniform swing of spool when it moves back and forth. Followed by swear of seal ring and leakage of foam guns.

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Why do I need a PU Gun?
  • L-S03 (Second Generation)
  • Aluminum body

  • Black PTFE coating for adaptor (avoid stick inside)

  • Copper adjustor

  • Stainless Steel barrel (avoid stick inside & make cleaning work easier)

  • Bright chromium-plated finish

  • The seal bead is made of white PTFE

  • Sealing pressure at outlet valve: 8.5 kg

  • High use efficiency of foam in each can (>98%, volume)

Price: $ 28.00
Standard Shipping Rate: $7

  • PTFE-S01 (Second Generation)
  • Aluminum body

  • Black PTFE coating for all body

  • White PTFE Seal bead

Price: $ 20.00
Standard Shipping Rate: $7

  • L-05 (Classic Product)