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"A product of First Choice by Architects & Engineers for Commercial/Residential Applications ... "

At all times our products are manufactured using only 100% virgin resin raw materials…no recycled resin materials are used in the manufacturing of our XPS products. Thus, ensuring the longevity of the insulating performance within our products.


Whereas many Australian and overseas XPS manufacturers only use 70% virgin resin raw materials and blend in 30% recycled re-ground resin materials.


Our Diamond Embossment… top and bottom surfaces ensure better bonding strength to other surfaces.

Our Shiplap profile edges on both 2950mm sides ensure better fitment strength and water tight bonding of all XPS sheets at the job site.


Extruded Polystyrene is a closed-cell foam insulation material, approximately 93% of its weight is polystyrene, while a small percentage also contains improvement admixtures, pigments and B1 - Flame Retardants.


Polystyrene crystals are blended with special additives and eco-friendly blowing agents, creating a thick mixture. This mixture is then homogenized under automated and perfectly controlled conditions of temperature and pressure.

REDBAK  - Extruded Polystyrene - Thermal Insulation XPS with 100% virgin resin raw materials will maintain its proven high - performance characteristics over 50+ years. Its strengths speaks for itself, having a uniform closed-cell rigid structure with virtual zero voids/pathways for moisture to enter, offering high compressive strength with lower thermal conductivity, dimensional stability and resistance to below ground decay.

REDBAK Thermal Gold and Blue XPS have been manufactured with B1 Grade (Difficult to Ignite) Fire  Retardant additives and always with 100% Virgin Raw Materials (no re-grind materials are allowed).

Our products have been Fire Tested by SGS

Report No: SHCCM150501437

Date:  May 19-2015 to August 05-2015 to the following Standards:   

EN 13823:2010 and EN ISO 11925-2:2010

Redbak Thermal Blue XPS Technical Data

Thermal Blue Price
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