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Caulking Guns

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ETS 3000 - Redbak International- Caulkin

Dripless ETS 3000

Standard 50mm

The future of caulking continues with the introduction of the ergonomically enhanced ERGO/TECH ETS 3000. Designed for the professional, the ETS 3000 addresses weight, balance, and stress while applying...Read more



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Dripless ETS 5000

Commercial 65mm

ETS 5000 has an enhanced 18:1 ratio, which provides superior performance when applying highly viscous products. In addition, there is a drip/no drip option for maximum trust and bead length control. Read more...




Dripless ETS 6000

Standard 50 mm Sausages (6 nozzles)

The ETS6000 is a professional quality gun recommended for heavy-duty usage. It has a higher ratio for reduced hand fatigue, This gun is suitable for higher viscosity products. Not only that, but it's environmentally friendly Read more...




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Excessive Dripping

Drew delves into the murky world of ED, and comes out wiser...knowing that with a good Dripless gun in hand nothing is impossible!


Think our composite ETS guns are weak? So did Drew...until she tested them!

Which ETS Gun To Use?

A primer on which ETS series gun is right for YOUR job. 

  • Dripless ETS3000 CAULKING GUN Standard 50mm