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Waterfall (Dual Set) Seam Setter 

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waterfall seam setter.jpeg

REDBAK Waterfall Seam Setters

(Stone Bench Top Adjustable Clamping System)


The Clamping System…is an installation tool used for joining stone bench tops, the Clamping System works best on non-porous stone materials including heavy pieces and lightly crowned or bowed materials.


     The Clamping System includes:

  • 2 piece   Water Fall – 90% Adjustable Seam Setters each    with 4 vacuum/suction cups and 5 integrated levelling points.  

  • 4 piece    Protective Plastic (vacuum/suction cup) Covers

  • 2 piece    Allen keys

  • 1 piece    Aluminium Carry Case x 2


Technical Specifications:

Product  -  Weight of 1 Stone Clamp:     6.00 kgs per 1 piece

Product  -  Size of Vacuum Suction Cups:     152.4mm / 6” Cups

Packaged  -  Total Weight of Waterfall                                                       Stone Clamping System:    (2 Carry Cases = 13.00 kgs).

Packaged  -  Size of Stone Clamping System: 510 x 400 x 190mm x 2 Cases


The Features:              

  • Two tools in one: seam joiner and seam leveller.          

  • Durable thumb-pump vacuum suction cups.

  • Non-spinning levelling feet with replaceable vinyl caps.

  • Custom sliding placement of seam levelling components.

  • High quality, machined aluminium tightening handles.

  • Protective plastic vacuum suction cup covers.

  • Long-lasting anodized billet aluminium and stainless steel components.


The Benefits:

  • Achieve high-quality, even seams.

  • Durable, long-lasting components.

  • Reliable, full-contact vacuum cups.

  • Non-spinning, levelling feet with vinyl caps prevent scratching of surfaces.

  • Deeper 6” cups provide longer and stronger holding power.


Product Description

  • Includes two vacuum hand cups and removable ratchet.

  • Dual hand cup with ratchet for pulling and aligning of work-pieces together.

waterfall seam setter 5.jpeg
waterfall seam setter 3.jpeg
waterfall seam setter 4.jpeg
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